NeuroDataScience - ORIGAMI lab: We are a research group at the Montreal Neurological Institute. Our aim is to produce and promote open and reproducible neuroimaging research, with a focus on neuroimaging data science and neuroinformatics. We develop methods and tools to best analyse neuroimaging and genetics data, and strive to produce and foster more reproducible and replicable science in our field, and more generally in the life sciences.

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Canonical Correlation Analysis of brain and behaviour

Effects of sample size/composition and analysis pipeline
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Quantifying the Dynamics of Task-based Functional Connectivity (Task-dFC)

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Building a normal brain aging model with MRI imaging data

Modelling the conditional quantile of the aging process
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Assessing the reliability of dynamic Functional Connectivity (dFC) measurement through a comprehensive validation framework

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Staging and Subtyping of Parkinson's disease progression with imaging biomarkers

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A simulation-based approach for evaluating replicability of Parkinson's disease neuroimaging biomarkers

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Nipoppy: A framework for the reproducible organization and processing neuroimaging-clinical datasets

A Neurobagel complement project
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Neuro(imaging) metadata integration and search
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Is between-pipeline variability affected by image quality?

A subcortical segmentation study
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Facilitating neuroimaging meta-research

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Incorporating Large Language Models (LLMs) into Modern Neuroscience

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Cohort creator

Creates a neuroimaging cohort by aggregating data across datasets.
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Estimating Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS) on longitudinal changes in Imaging Derived Phenotypes (IDPs)

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Continuous testing of neuroimaging results across pipelines and datasets

Application to hearing loss associations with brain structure
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Jean-Baptiste Poline
Principal Investigator


Brent McPherson
Postdoctoral researcher
Nikhil Bhagwat
Academic Associate


Sebastian Urchs
Research Software Developer
Alyssa Dai
Research Software Developer
Arman Jahanpour
Research Software Developer
Remi Gau
Research Associate

Graduate Students

Kendra Oudyk
PhD student
Ting Zhang
Ting Zhang
PhD student
Michelle Wang
PhD student

Undergraduate Students


Gaël Varoquaux Visiting Professor (Research Director, Inria)
Alexandre Hutton Research Assistant
Adam Trefonides Research Software Developer
Peer Herholz Postdoctoral researcher
Qing Wang (Vincent) Postdoctoral researcher
Elizabeth DuPre PhD student
Alexandre Pérez Research Trainee
Inés Gonzalez Pepe Research Assistant
Jonathan Armoza Research Software Developer
Kate Kim Undergraduate Researcher
Lukas Shannon Undergraduate Researcher
Jérôme Dockès Postdoctoral researcher